Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why I Married the Best Man in the Whole World

I feel I lucked out when it comes to who I married for one main reason. I get to choose what we eat and where we go to dinner. I come from a family where any simple conversation, including where to go to eat, quickly turns into a shouting match. Not because we are mad necessarily but because we ALL have very important opinions that MUST be heard. There are six people in my family and growing up my parents finally decided that we would only eat out on two types of occasions. Birthdays and when my grandparents came to town. Birthday person gets to choose and with grandparents we went to the buffet. (This wasn't as much as a hardship as it sounds when you live in a town with maybe a dozen non-fast food places.) So picking where to eat was a HUGE privilege. When we first started dating I would give DC a chance to pick where we went. What says "I love you" more than letting someone else pick where you eat? But I found out that this was not his idea of a good time so I just chose for him.

I married the most easygoing man on the face of the planet. I often ask him what he would like me to fix for dinner (I'm a flipp'n chef. Get creative!) and he usually waits until I suggest something and then says, "yah, that one sounds good". The man will eat anything under the sun (with the odd exception of tomatoes and strawberries) and has no problem with my vegetarianism. (DC is not vegtarian but will eat soy meat or meatless dinners.) So when it comes to where to dine out, he RARELY has an opinion. He says this is because I'll make the decision in the end and that it doesn't matter what he decides (snort of derision) but I know it's because he loves me.