Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do the Words "Balanced Meal" Mean Anything to You?

DC and I visited a Sweet Tomatoes last week. It's an okay place for a large lunch but this isn't going to be a review. The whole premise behind this chain is to fill up a on a large salad bar and then add to lunch with soups, pasta, and bread. Everything is buffet style and they boast a very healthy menu. Now, I did enjoy my lunch and was substantially full at the end. However, I was a little dismayed as I came to dessert. The choices were fruit (good), jello (maybe), some sort of low calorie strawberry flavored mousse (what the?), and low fat frozen yoghurt (sure I guess). So I'm standing there thinking, "I've just had a large salad, a small serving of low fat pasta with fresh veggies, and a piece of cornbread. Where is my one indulgent bite of fudge brownie or bite of cake?" Believe it or not Sweet Tomatoes, I can balance my meal and watch my calories. I don't need you to do it for me!


  1. The Sandy Sweet Tomatoes can be reached by UTA routes 811, 201, and 218, or via a short walk from the Sandy Civic Center TRAX Station.

  2. Alright BUSNINJA! Isn't there another blog you can post you bus routes on?